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Pictured above are James DuVal Coulling (1812-1866), David Coulling (1814-1886), and Elizabeth Coulling (1818-1893), the first 3 siblings of 9 children of James Mathias Coulling (1786-1863) and Mary Warrock DuVal (1787-1852) (ancestor chart).
James DuVal Coulling was a Methodist minister and President of Murfreesboro (Wesleyan) Female College, NC.
David Coulling was a Southern Baptist preacher, as well as a dentist.
Elizabeth Coulling married Albert Gallatin Stubbs, and had 6 children, but died at age 37.
Listed below are the 9 children of James Mathias Coulling (1786-1863) and Mary Warrock DuVal (1787-1852):
James DuVal Coulling 1812-1866: descendant chart, spouse 1 & 2
David Coulling 1814-1886: descendant charts, spouses 1 & 2
Elizabeth Coulling 1816-1853: descendant chart
Mary Coulling 1818-1893: descendant chart
Harriet Coulling 1821-1880
Susan Coulling 1823-1898
Sarah Coulling 1826-1909
Rebecca Coulling 1829-1871
William Coulling 1832-1892: descendant chart

The father of these 9 children, James Mathias Coulling (1786-1863) (ancestor chart), was the son of James Coulling (1756-1807), the emigrant from England.
James Coulling (1756-1807) was born in St. Ann's Parish, Limehouse, England, the oldest of the four children of David Coulling and Elizabeth Tiday. James was a tailor by trade and came to America in 1775 with George Coulling. George was born about 1744 (according to the log of the Ship Fortune) and was an upholsterer by trade. Both James and George settled in Maryland as four-year-indentured servants. The subscriber for James was Valentine Lees. Many Coullings are interred at Bladon where Winston Churchill is also interred.

Narrative based on letters, ship logs, etc. cited in the genealogy:
In the late eighteenth century, a young man named James Coulling lived with his family in Limehouse, England. He decided to leave home, and it was learned he had gone to St. James end of town. His father, David Coulling, hoped in time he would return. Instead, news was received that his son had gone to sea. This broke his father's heart, as he had always expected one of his sons to take over his business after his death.

James had agreed to be an indentured servant for four years, and left London on the ship "Fortune," sometime between July 10 and 17, 1775, its destination being Maryland.

Upon the ship's arrival in Maryland, James was turned over to the person who had paid his passage to this country. He only worked approximately one year when he ran away from his Subscriber.

He must have been returned to his master, for in a letter to his father, he told of the hardships he had undergone and the abonded life he led for some time, even after his marriage to Elizabeth.
------- by Mary Holman Coulling Warthen (1907-1991), [grand-daughter of David Coulling (1814-1886)],
------- ancestor & descendant charts of DeLauder, Warthen, & McDonald# regarding lineage of husband, John David Warthen (1903-1982)

Coulling Descendants in England:
Mary Annsworth Coulling (wife of David Coulling, b. 1777/1778) and sister-in-law of James Coulling (1756-1807), the emigrant from England, is pictured in this portrait:

"Grandma Coulling," Great Grandma of Kate Coulling Little Jacques, 1870-1959, was the mother of twenty two sons and one daughter, according to Kate's daughter, Dorothy Christine Jacques, 1898-2000.

The gouache portrait of circa 1825, known by family tradition as "Grandma Coulling," depicts Mary Annsworth Coulling born in 1775/6, Diss, Norfolk, England. Died 1852, Romford, Essex, England.
The portrait is in the possession (2006) of the family of the late Malcolm Graydon Baum (1933-2010), great great great grandson of "Grandma Coulling" - Mary Annsworth Coulling.

**The link between the English and American branches of the Coulling family is shown in the descendant chart of David & Jane Couling, parents of David Coulling (b. 1734-37), the latter of whom married Elizabeth Tiday.

The DuVal Family Association, Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, was recently discovered on the web. The site gives information about the great grandfather (Daniel DuVal - arriving in Gloucester County, VA in 1701) of Mary Warrock DuVal (1787-1852), the latter of whom married James Mathias Coulling (1786-1863).
Descendants of Daniel DuVal of Virginia
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Rust Family Tree: Henrietta Lee Rust, 1864-1932, was the wife of William Meade Coulling, 1859-1912, son of William Coulling, 1832-1892 (brother of David Coulling, 1814-1886)
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Damascus United Methodist Cemetery, MD (Many Warthens interred here.)

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