New Information:
Dr. Sidney Mathias Baxter Coulling III, Blount Mason Jr. Professor of English Emeritus at Washington and Lee University died on February 22, 2016, at Kendal Retirement Village, Lexington, VA. He had celebrated his 92nd birthday, and had taught for 35 years at W&L from 1956-1991. He was married for 58 years to Mary Greenwood Price Coulling and had 3 children. His uncle, Sidney Mathias Baxter Coulling Jr graduated from W&L Law School in 1916; his brother, the late Louis Roberdeau Coulling Jr, was a member of the W&L classes of 1943 and 1949 Law. Sidney was a longtime member of Lexington Presbyterian church, where he served as a deacon and an elder.

Family Secrets:
Margaret Alma Warthen McKim Manning gave verbal testimony to her nephew (John David Warthen, Jr.) in 1994, one year before her death, that the cause of the divorce between her mother (Caroline B. McDonald Warthen) and father (James Edward Warthen) was her father's raging alcoholism. (Margaret's first husband was also an alcoholic.) A search of the Circuit Court Civil Equity Indexes for Howard and Baltimore Counties and Baltimore City revealed a divorce decree in the Baltimore City Circuit Court 2 for J. Edward Warthen (Claimant) and Caroline B. Warthen (respondent), Docket 22-M, Page 117, Year 1912, Case Number 13414B. The complete file of the divorce decree (issued July 8, 1918) was obtained from the Maryland State Archives. In this file, there was evidence that Caroline was subpoenaed to appear, but never did. J. Edward claimed abandonment by Caroline in March 1906, but one does not know whether she was running for her life from a raging alcoholic, or she chose to abandon her husband and 4 children for other reasons. Considering that Caroline married 26-year old J. Edward, when she was 15 years and 9 months old with minimal education and had 4 children between 1899 and 1903, she may have turned to the only means of income to survive, as J. Edward claimed. Sadly for young women, who had few rights in the early 1900s, she could have fallen into a desperate life style. Caroline's alleged friend of 9 years, who claimed she had not met J. Edward, gave a damaging deposition about Caroline; the integrity of this witness seems questionable, as well as, the source by which she was chosen to testify. It is also ironic that the divorce decree was signed July 8, 1918, which was 8 days prior to the marriage of Caroline to Frederick Joseph Gilman on July 16, 1918. Nothing in the divorce decree file addressed J. Edward's raging alcoholism or his lack of provision for his 4 children and wife. Their eldest son, Carlton Edward, of this union was the only sibling who was not institutionalized after the separation in 1906. In the 1910 U.S. Census, 10-year old Carlton was living with his 38-year old, divorced father and his grandmother, Annie Warthen. Unfortunately, Carlton became an alcoholic just like his father. The second child, Marion, is listed in the 1910 U.S. Census as a 10-year old inmate in St. Paul's Industrial Training School in Baltimore City. The third and youngest female child, Margaret Alma, is listed in the 1910 U.S. Census as an inmate of the Home of the Friendless orphanage, Baltimore City; she is listed in the 1920 U.S. Census as a 17-year old single woman boarding with her divorced father, Edward, in Baltimore City; and is listed in the 1930 U.S. Census as Margaret McKim, 29-year old divorced female, living with her mother and step-father, Frederick Joseph Gilman. Ironically, Frederick Joseph Gilman adopted his step-grandson, Albert William (McKim) Gilman (Margaret's son) in 1944, 10 years after the death of his wife, Caroline B. Gilman. The fourth, and youngest child, 3-year old John David Warthen, was committed by the State Of Maryland to the Home of the Friendless orphanage on December 5, 1906 for lack of proper care, and the committal was witnessed by James E. Warthen (father), Clarence Owings, Harry S. Warthen (uncle), and Howard S. Huhee. John David is listed in the 1920 U.S. Census as a "ward" of the state in Calvert County, MD, in the respected household of Benjamin and Helen Hance. The marriage of James Edward and Caroline Belle Warthen began in August 1898 with the blessing of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Ellicott City, MD; it ended in a tragic divorce in July 1918. No one but God knows the absolute truth regarding the circumstances surrounding this tragedy. One sincerely hopes that James Edward Warthen and Caroline B. Warthen came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior at some point in their lives, and sought forgiveness for the heinous, unspeakable, and dysfunctional abuse, which they poured out upon their 4 young children even unto the 3rd generation. If they never became believers, one shudders to think what punishment the just, righteous, and vengeful Almighty God would pour out upon these 2 individuals, while standing with millstones around their necks. The purpose of this narrative is to release the family secrets, which were never discussed until now. It is hoped that the cycle of dysfunction is broken by the truth, and that no child of this family will ever have to endure what those 4 siblings endured. It is a testimony to God's grace that those 4 little ones survived in spite of their horrendous circumstances, when they were in need of a father and mother to nurture them.

Considerable progress has been made, after more than 2 decades of searching, for clues to the whereabouts of Caroline Belle McDonald Warthen Gilman (paternal grandmother of John David Warthen Jr) between 1930-1940. An obituary notice was found by a volunteer's search in the Baltimore Sun, which led to a death certificate (1882-1934).

Family Tree DNA Warthen project (Y-DNA Analysis) has confirmed the Haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1b4 (England) of John David Warthen, Jr. Several other Warthens participating in the project are within the same Haplogroup. Of note are Warthens who are descendants of Theodore and Alban Warthen, both of whom are probably related to the immigrant John Wathen (1646-1705), from whom John David Warthen, Jr. is descended. Oddly enough, Theodore and Alban migrated from Maryland to Virginia and then to Licking County, Ohio, where John David Warthen, Jr.'s eldest daughter now resides.

Leslie Smith Taylor (4th cousin 1x removed of John David Warthen Jr, 'Contact' below), a descendent of Ignatius Warthen 1755-1813, graciously provided much information that was missing about Warthen descendants from Damascus, MD. She is also the gggg granddaughter of Benjamin Smith Benton, founder of the Damascus UMC.

Jean Brenda Soper Ellis (5th cousin 2x removed of John David Warthen Jr, 'Contact' below) of Daventry England, whose great grandmother was Caroline Mary Coulling York, has graciously provided many details of her ancestors.

This update fills in data for the descendants or Benjamin Smith Benton, namely his daughter Mary Ann Benton, whose second husband was Leonard Warthen. These data were kindly supplied by Daniel Clark King (4th cousin 1x removed of John David Warthen Jr, 'Contact' below), secretary of the Damascus Heritage Society. These data solidify more firmly the update of 9/2/09 between the Warthens (descendant chart) of Montgomery and Howard Counties, Maryland.

The passing of Ruth Virginia Lofland Cato (90), wife of the late Oscar Raymond Cato, and daughter of the late Thomas Edward Lofland & Norma Pleasants Coulling occurred in Atlanta, GA, on 11 March 2010.

This update reveals the family of Albert William (McKim) Gilman and Antoinette Frances Isabella, thanks to input from Frederick George Gilman, San Diego, CA. Albert William McKim (son of David Coffman McKim and Margaret Alma Warthen) was adopted by his step-grandfather, Frederick Joseph Gilman, and maternal grandmother, Caroline Belle McDonald Warthen Gilman.

Research and on-site investigation of Damascus United Methodist Cemetery, MD, have revealed 37 graves of Warthens or those who married Warthens, dod from 1869-1996.

It is with stunned sadness that we report the death of Diane Mary Warthen of Pensacola, Florida, at the age of 66, on 21 October 2009. She was the second child and only daughter born to John David Warthen and Mary Holman Coulling in 1943. She is survived by her son, Michael John Willie & his wife Sandra, and Sandra's four daughters. She is also survived by her brother, John David Warthen, Jr. & his wife Marsha, and his two daughters: Jacqueline W. Diedrich, and Angela W. Gustafson. She is also survived by 2 great nieces, children of her brother's elder daughter.

John David Warthen, Jr. joined the Family Tree DNA Warthen project to confirm/discover Warthen family lineage via Y-DNA Analyses.

This update links the Warthens (descendant chart) of Montgomery County, Maryland to those in Howard County, Maryland. It was added to this site after visits to the Jane C. Sween Library of the Montgomery County Historical Society, the Maryland State Archives, reviewing the "Wathen Anthology," by Carol Collins and "The Early Wathen/Worthen/Warthen Colonists of America," by Dr. Robert Orr Warthen, M.D. The Warthen lineage back to Ignatius Wathen (1755-1813) seems plausible in light of the posting by Carol Collins on the Wathen Family Genealogy Forum and the Benton website concerning Benjamin Smith Benton. Ancestors prior to Ignatius are based on Dr. Warthen's, "The Early Wathen/Worthen/Warthen Colonists of America." The appearance of William Wathen (1-14-1797 to aft 1870) as father of James B. Wathen (1834-1897) in the 1850 Montgomery County, MD Census was an extraordinary find. The discovery of James B. Warthen's older sisters, Drusilla Ann and Sarah E. was also quite enlightening. The presence of Sarah Warthen, and her daughters Drusilla Warfield, and Sarah E. Crockett on the March 1857 membership list of Damascus Methodist Church, while Nathan Benton Warthen was Leader, was quite enlightening. It was also interesting to discover that present day Warthens are probably descendants of John Wathen (1646-1705), the emigrant from England. Other sites concerning John Wathen are Descendants of John Wathen by Rhonda Patton Wathen, Descendants of John Wathen by Gary & Becky Earls, and Descendants of John Wathen by David Smith.

DeLauder Website by Kelly J Shenton, Wellsville, OH

A question by Randall Douglas Lofland prompted the posting of detailed data which were abstracted from a copy of the Descendants of Mordecai Cook of "Mordecai's Mount." 1650, by William Carter Stubbs, Ph.D., Audubon Park, New Orleans, LA; New Orleans, L. Graham & Son Ltd., Printers, 207-211 Baronne St., 1895. The latter reference was kindly provided by Ruth Virginia Lofland Cato, to produce the website for the Ancestors of Harry Ann Pryor Cooke Coulling, 1840-1883, wife of David Coulling, 1814-1886.

Among many additions since the last update of this website, is the death of Bertha Elizabeth Coulling Schuler on 15 November 2008. Born in 1912 as the fifth daughter of William Coulling and Ella Katherine Powers, she was 96. She was the last of their six daughters to survive. These six daughters are great great grand daughters of Rev. James Coulling, Methodist Pastor, 1756-1807, emigrant from England. They are also grand daughters of Rev. David Coulling, Southern Baptist Preacher, 1814-1886. The Rev. Paul Alexander Papp, United Methodist Pastor and nephew, jointly presided with her pastor at her funeral service, Catonsville United Methodist Church, Maryland.

Detailed information on the descendants of William Coulling (1832-1892), brother of James DuVal Coulling, David Coulling, and Elizabeth Coulling (all 3 pictured at the top of the page) was kindly supplied by Charles 'Tad' Perry Randolph Ransom Marburg, great great grandson of William Coulling (1832-1892). These descendants also appear in the descendant chart of the parents (David & Jane Couling) of David Coulling (b. 1734-37) who married Elizabeth Tiday.

Detailed information on the descendants of Triton Coulling, son of David Coulling & Mary Annsworth and nephew of James Coulling (the emigrant to America), was kindly supplied from Australia by Linda Wilson Jones, 5th cousin once removed of John David Warthen, Jr. (the Contact, below). Additional Coulling descendants settled in New Zealand.

Detailed data concerning the Woodall branch of the family, namely the marriage of Ida Holman Powers to James Hatfield Woodall and their descendants, were kindly supplied by their great grandson, James Woodall McWhirt.
Further data were supplied by Malcolm Graydon Baum on the offspring of David Coulling and Mary Annsworth, along with the discovery of Gordon Coulling, another 5th cousin of John David Warthen, Jr. (the contact below). Gordon Coulling is the sole surviving Coulling living in Grimsby, England, which seemed to be the site of two early Coulling families around 1860.

**Detailed data on David Coulling, the brother of James the emigrant from England, and his wife Mary Annsworth (Grandma Coulling in the above picture) and their descendants were kindly provided by Malcolm Graydon Baum, 5th cousin of John David Warthen, Jr. (the Contact, below).

#Detailed data on the ancestors of Caroline Belle McDonald and some of her siblings were generously provided by Patricia Ann Lamppin.

The DuVal Family Association will hold its biennial meeting (and Fourth Reunion!) June10, 2005, in Richmond, Virginia.

*Photos, courtesy of Corrine & Joseph Hudgins (great great grandson of Elizabeth Coulling 1816-1853).

Photos of Albert Gallatin Stubbs 1809-1865 (husband of Elizabeth Coulling 1816-1853), Lucy Field Keesee 1837-1876 (wife of William Coulling 1832-1892) and their son William Meade Coulling 1859-1912 appear on their 'person sheets'. Photos are the courtesy of Corrine & Joseph Hudgins (great great grandson of Elizabeth Coulling 1816-1853).