Constance Ann Warthen

Oct. 4, 1941 - Oct. 9, 1996

After surviving breast cancer and 14 months of chemo in 1980 with a 50:50 chance of survival when our daughters were 6 & 4 and then seeing our daughters reared to maturity (22 & 21), Connie was diagnosed with unrelated stomach cancer on September 20, 1996, and died on October 9, 1996. At 55, she is home with her Lord, having left a powerful witness of faith by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and her Father and believing that He was in absolute control of her life. She never demonstrated fear and never gave up the fight and hope for life, for His grace was always upon her. She was a remarkable woman of God and taught us how to live.

1997 - at her younger daughter's wedding


I wish you could be here in person, but I know that you are here in spirit to celebrate with us. I didn't know how to sum up all that you mean to me in a few short sentences, so I wrote a few of the things and words that I think of when I think of you. I am always and will always think of you as a ... Dedicated Gardener ... Walking Partner ... Close Friend and Confidant ... Prayer Warrior ... Excellent Strawberry Tart Maker ... Cat Lover and Antagonizer ... Meticulous Seamstress ... Beach Lover ... Walks with God ... Big Tease ... My Loving Mom. I love you Mom.

Your Daughter,
1998 - at her elder daughter's wedding


I can only begin to express how deeply I miss you. I miss your beautiful smile and laugh, your words of wisdom, and your never ending encouragement and pride in me your daughter. I miss your antics with Jonathan, your big hugs, and your raspberry pie. I miss your Godly example that was always evident. But, most of all I miss you, my Mom. Sometimes I feel alone and lost in this world without you Mom, but I have learned from you to trust in God and rely on him for strength. Thanks Mom.

I wish you could be here on our special day, but I know you are looking down from heaven proud as ever. I waited for the right one Mom!

I love you!